It all starts with Personas and Roles of the individual projects. I identify who is using the product and how they are interacting with it. We usually are dealing with Oracle server products so the various Administrators play a big role. Delegating the permissions across each role is one of our big tasks. Admins can have more than one role so defining each realm of management across the roles is important. With all the functionality that comes across each Admin role we are also are focused on the end user experience. Most users will come to the system and are just interested in maintaining their password, profile, and links to each application in the Cloud. I make this experience as straight forward as possible so user doesn't get confused.
Next we track all the User Flows to figure out what they are doing with the system. Each user has tasks that they need to accomplish with the product. These tasks are wireframed with the product so we have the ideal path for all of the roles that we need. Project Management and Development reviews these wireframes to make sure all of flows are complete and all of our users are covered.
Each of the User Flows are built into a high fidelity prototype that we can test with users of the product. We get unbiassed feedback from our users and customers and tweak design ideas to address issues that we find in the product flows.
After PM and Dev sign off on the designs we hand them off to production so that can build out each user flow. Once each developer is done we do a design review of the live build to validate the user experience. Each feature is tracked in Jira and goes through the release process.
In the meantime I focused on maintaining the icon repository so that each icon is a part of our icon font and is accessible by the development team. I am also responsible for usability bugs that need to be tracked and squished. I also maintain a library of sketch patterns that the designers use to create product features from. This library of Identity patterns is based off of Oracle's overall design strategy. They start with the sketch library and design the features from it knowing that the patterns will give the access to the latest look and feel.
For launch the team documents what is new is the product so that customers have the latest information on the update.
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