I designed the navigation structures for this product to fit the structure of the use cases. The customer service role and the security admin roles where the main personas that I designed for. The dynamic tab system was something that I brought to each identity project. You where able to have up to 10 tabs of dynamic content at a time.
The goal was to streamline the user flows. Make the interaction design for this product more intuitive. Then align this product with other Access Management suite concepts that I had successfully integrated. Part of the design system was to show the policy objects that could be used by the Adaptive Access product. The other view was the runtime application of the policies that had been applied to the customers environment and where it was running.
One part of this project was applying a unified navigation to all of the IDM Suite. We also wanted to evaluate our ideas with strategic customers and see if they would use them in new releases.
The poster for Adaptive Risk Manager was one that I created for our Middleware UX (MUX) team meeting. I used this to explain Threat Management to the larger UX team.
I was one of the designers on this project then became the design manager.
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