One goal was to demonstrate the unity across Identity products. I wanted to show a 100 foot view of how multiple products effected the flow of the security footpint of the application.
Part of this project was applying a unified navigation to all of the IDM Suite. I worked with the technical stakeholders of each product to find a good balance of navigating that product's unique use cases while taking a holistic approach to the suite. I worked with the team to identify each role that the team found important to scope the demo to. The UI would be tailored to each role depending on what the primary tasks where for each. In this demo be structured it around the Security Admin and the App Admin. Policy attachment becomes important in the scope of which security admin is using the system. Policies are attached to each program and it is this view that the application admin has rights to adjust each output as they see fit. I used the native features of Adobe Acrobat to link the design screens together and to add notes to clarify the demo. In this example the red dash box denoted a link to the next step in the flow. The yellow word balloons allowed me to flesh out the explanation of what we wanted to do with this type of system. The idea what that you would be able to provide the out of the box policies to each level of the security stack to protect the application in the best possible default manner. This doesn’t prevent you from creating your own security policies but it lets you start with the best of breed that we have and continue on if you want to do something more advanced.
I was the design lead for this project.
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